Farm City Poster Contest

The Farm City Poster Contest, hosted by the Jefferson County Farmers Federation is an annual contest open to all schools across Jefferson County. Winners from each category at the county level are also entered into the statewide contest later in November. County winners from each category receive a prize as well as an invitation to attend the annual Jefferson County Farm City Dinner. 

Eligibility and Rules

1. Entry is open to all students in grades kindergarten through sixth grade and must be the original work of the student.
2. There are two categories of competition: K–3 grades and 4–6 grades. First, Second, and Third Place winners will be named in each category.
3. Posters must relate to the theme AND the theme Agriculture: Food for Life must be on the front of the poster, spelled correctly.
4. Posters should be designed to be viewed horizontally (this will make them appropriate for inclusion in the calendar should they win at the State level). 
5. Posters should be no larger than 28”x22” (full-size sheet of poster board) and no smaller than 14”x11” (half-size sheet of poster board). Standard thickness poster paper is preferred but not required. 
6. Any flat medium can be used (such as pen and pencil, crayon, watercolor, ink, or oil). No three-dimensional posters (such as gluing products on a poster).
7. Each poster must have the following information (in pencil is best) on the BACK: 
Student’s Name 
Student’s Grade
Teacher’s Name
School Name 
(Winners submitted to the state for judging will need to fill out and attach a more-detailed form before sending their artwork to Montgomery (form included))
8. Criteria for judging include: creativity, originality, neatness, overall appearance, relevance to the theme, and SPELLING (teachers, please check for correct spelling before students submit posters).
9. The deadline to submit entries to your School Board contact is October 12 for pick-up by contest staff on October 13. Winners will be notified in late October and invited to attend the Farm City Dinner on November 21, 2017 to be recognized, receive their cash prizes, and give a brief interview.
10. The first place poster in each competition category will be submitted to the State Farm-City Committee for judging in the State Poster Contest in late February. In addition to the possibility of winning another cash prize, submitted posters may be included in the 2019 Farm City Calendar. 


This year's 2017 theme is, Agriculture: Food For Life.

Agriculture touches every aspect of our lives.  From the clothes we wear and the food we eat, to the homes where we live and the cars we drive, agriculture and forest products are ever-present. Farmers help conserve the resources we need and the nature we enjoy.
As we prepare to celebrate Farm-City Week in November (and National Ag Day in March), let’s remember the diversity of “Agriculture: Food for Life.” For a complete explnation of the theme, contact Holly at .
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